A Visit to Colorful Places in India to Celebrate Holi

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There is more to Holi than just playing with colors. This festival is celebrated all across India. It would be interesting to plan for trips to places where we can celebrate Holi in India. Holi focuses on the enhancement of brotherhood. It’s a day where all join together to throw colors at each other, welcomes the spring season, and marks the win of good over evil.

India is well known for its beautiful culture, so why not explore the places where we can play with colors on this occasional day? Grab your clothes, pack your bags, plan the travel, and head on for an adventurous journey. As we know, long journeys are best when it’s done via long drive. If you don’t have your car or wish to save up your vehicle’s service expenses, cling on to self-drive car rental services to have a stress-free long drive.

This blog will guide you on the places where you can have a colorful trip and celebrate Holi. Have a read at this blog below.

  • Display Of Martial Arts At Punjab

Martial arts are not limited to only abroad countries, but we also get great glimpses of India. The Sikh warriors celebrate the annual carnival known as Holla Mohalla in Punjab. The place is Anandpur, which is about four hours away from the Golden temple. On this day, men and boys wear colorful turbans and display their sword shows, including sword fights, mock battles, military antics, and acrobats.

This visual feast started back over three centuries ago; it showcases the spirit of Punjab. People offer their warm hospitality on that day. You will hear enormous poetries that will transport you to another world and delicious meals to feast on your tongue. Search for the best car rental service in Kolkata, and you’ll get the ticket to go anyplace at any time as per your necessity. Therefore, add this place to your bucket list if you wish to have a visual treat on the Holi festival.

  • Watch Barsana’s Lathmar Holi

Lord Krishna's birth celebration starts before ten days of the Holi festival. It is done via showering of homemade sweets, also called Laddo Holi. During this time, women wear colorful sarees and throw sweets. While showering, the women sing folk tunes regarding Hindu mythology.

The ritual involves women taking sticks in the streets and playfully beating the men together with music, procession and dancing all through the village. Women try to safeguard themselves cheerfully against the men who try to put colors on them.

It is a great thing to watch and capture in your memories. The whole surroundings immerse themselves in colors. This ritual takes place on Holi at Virindavan’s famous Banke Bihari temple-full of crowds and incredible extravaganza.

  • Feel Peaceful With Almora’s Folk Music

Want to immerse yourself in the folk music while enjoying Holi? Go for a trip to Uttarakhand’s Almora. It is an ancient town that falls within the Kumaon region of the lower Himalayas. The place offers more peaceful and less crowded Holi. This region is best for the ones who seek a secluded getaway.

Here, the festival begins with Baithakali Holi, an enactment based on musical gatherings from the royal era. People sing Lord Krishna's life tales using classical instruments. After this, ethnic Kumaoni music in Khadi Holi .ie. ‘Standing Holi’ and Mahila Holi .i.e. ‘Women’s Holi’ follows up. The musical gathering ends with people covering each other in ‘abeer.’ It’s a pigment derived from flowers associated with Holi.

  • Dance Under Full Moon In Imphal

The ones wishing to go off the beat visit the northeastern state of Manipur that combines a traditional harvest festival known as Yaoshang along with a colorful Holi celebration. The festival starts with the full moon appearing in the night sky, marking the beginning of Holi. This day, the older generation retells folk legends and sings native tunes with modern instruments, and the young generation competes with each other in neighborhood sporting events.

The locals here build and burn small thatched huts in bonfires. They throw colors at each other and sing devotional songs at street processions and local temples. It’s an intimate affair that welcomes the colorful spring season. If you wish to travel here late at night, you can always search for a 24-hour car rental near you at multiple Indian search engines available for you.

  • Travel Back In Time At Udaipur

Want to experience the royal Indian era from back in time? This thing is possible when you visit Udaipur in Rajasthan. Here, the Mewar clan’s descendants follow their family tradition with a beautiful procession through Udaipur’s cobblestoned streets.

Men marches the procession wearing ceremonious attire along with bands playing Holi folk songs. Locals line up streets from the royal residence to the city palace to look at the procession. They all light spring bonfires to ward off the evil.

  • The Modernized Celebration In Pushkar

Pushkar serves as the heaven for both locals and foreigners. It is a sacred town on the shores of Lake Pichola. Backpackers seeking Holi celebration and even others visit here to be a part of the big party held in the main square. A modernized version of the festival celebration takes place. Instead of Lord Krishna bhajans, techno music is played along with gulaal smothered participants.

Everyone enjoys the colorful event throwing colors at each other and enjoying thandaai. The ambiance becomes similar to a nightclub. The only difference is the crowd enjoys throwing colors at each other along with high-tempo music. If you wish to bring in your families and friends, a 50 seater bus on rent in Kolkata is the best option for you.

  • Chant And Dance In Mathura

Mathura falls in the Braj region of India, between the city of Delhi and Agra. The Hindu God, Lord Krishna, is associated with this place. Hindu mythology believes Matheran to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The local shrines host various spectacular celebrations that attract many locals, travelers, and foreigners.

Want to have a long bike ride till here? Go for bike rental in Kolkata to avail this excellent option. Many among them travel from their villages in open-backed lorries. A very big example is in the case of the Dwarkadeesh temple. On Holi, a mass of worshippers gather early morning to sing, chant, and dance on Holi songs under the colorful atmosphere.

  • The Basant Utsav At Shantiniketan

Springs welcomes love and poetry. Shantiniketan calls this season in its own unique style. Biswabharati university of Shantiniketan gears up for Basant Utsav. If you wish to experience the Bengali culture along with Holi, this place is right for you. The famous Bengali poet and Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore started this festival to celebrate Holi or Dol Purnima.

On this eventful day, students line up the performance stage wearing yellow color saree. You will definitely fall in love with the serenity of the place. Get to meet with the artsy community that adds more charm to the festival. During this time, you will see Palash flowers everywhere.

Women with yellow sarees sing and dance in Rabindra Sangeet. The beauty of Basant Utsav will change your mood. There is something unique in the atmosphere that will prolong you, and you will be lost in peacefulness. If you seek inner peace, Shantiniketan is one of the best places to visit in India during this Holi. 

To Conclude

Holi can prove to be an overwhelming experience for travelers. I hope this article has helped you out. The above mentioned places are the best ones in India to feel and enjoy Holi. Your next step should include the planning process and visiting them during the festive season. For distant traveling, car hire services in Kolkata are available for you, and it’s a very budget-friendly option.

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