An Array of Summer-Appropriate Wall Colors to Try

An Array of Summer-Appropriate Wall Colors to Try


An Array of Summer-Appropriate Wall Colors to Try


Changing the wall colors is an effective way of adding a dash of newness to your apartment in Kolkata. If your budget permits, you can re-paint the colors of the walls of your rooms. So, what are the wall colors that exude freshness, warmth and sunny afternoons of summer? In the following write-up, we have listed down a bunch of colors, which are perfect fit for the warm months. Whether you are looking to give your abode a seasonal quirk or channel the warmth round the clock, then the following hues will do the trick. Take a look –

  • Pink –

The shade of Pink does not have to be one-dimensional or OTT. To create a soothing environ in your abode, you can use a muted tone of Pink. Upon being combined with sharp pieces, metallic wall accents or black furniture, this shade will add a sense of sophistication to your abode.  As this hue is a highly sophisticated shade, you may use this in your bedroom.

  • Marigold Yellow –

Nothing spells summer better than a bright shade of yellow. Choose moldings as well as contrasting shades to refrain the vibrant yellow from overpowering your space. Consider opting for contrasting shades and while moldings to create a special effect in your flat in Kolkata. A smart way to beautify the shade of Marigold is to quirk it up with black accents.

  • Pale Purple –

Another brilliant wall color shade for summer is Pale Purple. Besides being fresh, this hue is highly elegant as well. If there is any dull corner at your home that you want to perk up as the warm months makes an entry, you can try out the shade of Pale Purple. Some shades such as dark Violet, Lilac Blue, Burn Orange, etc. compliment this shade a lot. To create a contrast, you can pair up these shades.

  • Mauve –

The shade of Mauve is undoubtedly one of those pristine shades, which when manifested properly, can spruce up a room in an instant. If there is a plain closet in your room, you can paint that in mauve to beautify its overall aesthetics. This will work well as a summer upgrade in an apparently dull-looking room. If you don’t want to change the colors of every wall, you may opt for mauve-tone based wallpaper as well. ‘

  • Bright White –

Nothing spells the summery vibe as appropriately as the shades of bright White. The best thing about bright White is that it looks equally exquisite in the other seasons as well. One of the best corners of your house to play with this pristine and aristocrat shade is the living room or dining area.  To quirk up a white room, make sure to use plush rugs, rich materials, and the likes.

  • Orange –

Another summer-appropriate shade for the wall color is Neon Orange. Bright neon oranges can perk up the late summer nights almost in an instant. To add more fun and drama to the Orange walls, make sure to use golden-toned wall décor pieces.

Bottom Line

So, what are you planning to do this summer? You can make use of these aforementioned wall colors in your apartment in Kolkata to add quirk and beauty to your abode. To find the best flat in the location of your preference under your budget, you should count on Haarway, one of the best business listing platforms in India.




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