Best Practices To Promote Video Contents Online

Best Practices To Promote Video Contents Online

With the marketing paradigm changing from blatant sales advertisements to a more creative and engaging route, the concept of video marketing is on a surge. You tend to find such visually appealing contents more impressive and interesting. Pertaining to its story-telling abilities, videos have become a necessary option for your brand.


 89% of the marketers assert that video contents have rendered an increase in ROI, lead generation, and driving traffic to the website. But what is video marketing truly about? Does its concern lie only in planning and producing an enticing video to maximize your marketing campaign's potential? Sometimes, even after creating high-quality video content, it lacks views, shares, or other engagement criteria. No, don't blame your production skills because it all comes down to how you are promoting the video. Obviously, you won't gain a penny if you just sit around and wait for it to get viral. You need to equip your contents with proper endorsement and distribution strategy. To guide you in this confusing terminology, we will explore some of the best methods to disseminate your videos digitally, which you must introduce in your marketing plan. 


  1. Optimization Of Video Is Key


Video optimization refers to all sorts of technologies which aids in enhancing the viewing experience of consumers by an attempt to reduce video launch times or re-buffering instances. The technique also seeks to minimize the network bandwidth level used throughout the video sessions. You must be aware of the fact that individuals are 1.5x more likely to watch video daily on their smartphones than on a desktop. So, it's advisable to optimize your video content for each platform. It's an excellent decision to utilize different formats available, for instance, experimenting with various aspect ratios and curating a square (1:1), vertical (9:16) or even portrait (2:3, 4:5) video content. This will ensure that users click on your video at first glance as it takes up more screen space. Now, your role is to persuade the prospects to view your video immediately. Take a look at these simple tricks to help your brand's content stand out. 


  • Ensure a theme of consistent colours to appear more aesthetically pleasing. Since colours portray a sense of emotions that might eventually lead the audience towards the completion of your marketing goals. 


  • The first few seconds of the video should be able to hook your audience's interest instantly. Try to build up a dynamic narrative barring the traditional story-arc by harnessing your company's creative bone. 


  • While the title grabs attention, call-to-action messages will guide your viewers for a swift journey of what you intend them to follow. Be clear to trigger an action from your prospects to analyze the growth of your video content. 


  1. Effective Thumbnails To Captivate Audience


Thumbnail of a video is the first element you witness after receiving the results of your query on any search engine, be it Google or YouTube. Implement the use of the good old saying, "A good first impression can work wonders". If the thumbnails are visually striking, then the video's probability of being clicked by the audience increases. You see, every minute details integrated with your video content goes a long way in assuring its success. When dealing with today's landscape, you need to work more with engaging graphics. Think of your thumbnail as a mini poster that informs the viewer about your video's content and entice them to watch it. Here are some quick tips that you must bear to develop a captivating thumbnail for your video.


  • Users must acknowledge the idea of your video immediately. Understand that people don't have the patience to decipher the meaning behind your video via thumbnail. It should be able to convey the message at once.


  • To make your thumbnails even more useful, you may use emotional scenes from your video. This provides a genuine connection with the audience.


  • You have the option to zoom in and capture close-ups of the faces of people. It has proved to be valuable to pique the audience's interest.


  • If you select an image, then, make sure that it has a high-resolution display. So that, even if it gets cropped, the quality remains the same.


  • Be consistent with your thumbnail's design, fonts, and colour scheme. It adds a sense of familiarity with your brand, which gets embedded in your audience's mind. 


  1. Increase Engagement With Social Media


Social media marketing is a necessary extension for your brand's exposure. Almost 59% of the marketers support the lead generation and other business goals by pinning their faith on social media networking sites. You have the opportunity to increase the engagement rate of your videos by gaining insight on the needs and desires of your audience directly. Which makes it possible for you to curate a continuous stream of creative contents resonating with your followers. Let's dive into some tips to boost the reach of your videos with your customers. 


  • Pin Your Videos On Your Twitter Feed

To gain the highest level of exposure, you can pin your video content on your Twitter feed. This is mainly because it has an added advantage of increasing your conversion rates by ten folds. When there is already an intense amount of likes and re-tweets on your content, it allows the new visitor to follow suit. With such excellent engagement level, you might want to utilize this potential to promote specific actions that you want the viewers to perform.


  • Tease The Video On Instagram


Try to anticipate your audience's interest by posting bite-sized trailers of your video content. Through this, you will be triggering the fear of missing out in people's mind. They would want to latch onto every clip and start a discussion about it by sharing it within their circle. If it's a product video, then you may build a story around it and provide a link to the sales page by applying the swipe-up feature. 


  • Put The Link In Your Bio

You don't want to make the mistake of not including the video's link after endorsing it on your story. This advice will help you utilize the most of Instagram's bio space to help you build connection and transfer the traffic on your video's site. The idea is to incorporate any memorable link with your brand's voice. If the visitors choose not to click on it, they will remember it in the long run. Don't use random generic letters and numbers as the link instead integrate the title of your video and your brand's name.


  • Tap Into Influencer Marketing


It's an instinctive choice to combine the two current video marketing trends with influencer marketing for an even better performance. If your brand does not have an initial presence, then leveraging influencers to promote your video content will provide multiple syndications with increased views, shares, and comments. It's difficult to gain organic traction, but this method will aid to serve your objectives. Nowadays, people's opinions are inclined towards such influential individuals as they find them more credible and authentic. So, narrow down your focus and collaborate with an influencer most preferable by your niche audience. 


  1. Add Share Buttons On Or Near Your Video


A simple way of securing viewership is to permit a swift method for them to share the video. If you trust your video's quality and content, then hopefully others will be compelled to dispense it among their friends and relatives. The sharing buttons will improve the probability of getting your contents observed by new potential customers. You see, the possibilities are ceaseless, and you just need to strategically tap in every aspect to allow the users to have a good viewing experience. There is also an influence on search engine listings of your video. One such criteria which determines an organic result on Google is by analyzing the number of times your video has been shared. Social share renders many benefits in your video marketing campaign. 


  1. Don't Forget About SEO


Apart from curating a fantastic video content with excellent production and creative skills, you also have to ensure that it can be located by your audience profile. Search Engine Optimization must be kept in mind to amplify your content's discoverability to help surge the return on investment. There could only be two possible objectives in video marketing with your SEO reference: lead generation and social shares. Adhere to these suggestions to improve your SEO game.

  • Include a keyword-rich title to your video which will serve as a mean for the users to trace it and eventually cease their attention.
  • Add a description to integrate texts for the search engine crawlers to detect the content of your video. You may also add transcripts and captions to your video content. 

Elevate your video content level for it to be easily located on search engines and witness the difference in your traffic and leads. 


Time To Act On Your Video's Promotion


After investing enough time, effort, and money on your video, let your viewers enjoy the masterpiece created by your brand. Plan out the perfect distribution strategy, and if you need help in listing premium service, you can always count on Haarway. Being reliable and cost-efficient, their team of experienced panel will cater to your company's needs for your video marketing campaign. 


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