Customers Love These Categories Of Social Media Marketing


We can all agree that social media has altered how we communicate and helped in the emergence of a new phase for businesses. Do you remember the days when acquiring information seemed like a privilege? In today’s world, any global knowledge is on the tip of your fingertips, making it an essential component for society's governance. And enterprises are leveraging it for a new experience in customer service or forging meaningful connection and all kinds of different reasons. 

Wait, what comes to your mind when you hear the term, “social media”? Let us guess, you think it's only about Facebook or Instagram, but the truth is that they are just a mere part in the digital realm. There is so much more to explore than just the widely famous social networking sites. Before it was easy for us to categorise the different forms of social media according to their niche and user interest. In the current landscape, the lines are merging as more and more outlets include features similar to the next. The blurring distinction and fast-paced technological change made us dive into the four-general classification of social media with regards to what you, as a marketer, expect to achieve by it.


 Let’s explore the four most popular social media commonly used by marketers to effectively expand their business’ reach- 


  • Social Networking Sites—Connect with people
  • Media Sharing Networks—Share photos, videos, and other media
  • Discussion Forums—Share news and ideas
  • Consumer Review Networks—Find and review businesses
  • Social Blogging Networks—Publish content online


Social Networking Sites

We live in a society, wherein customers demand an authentic link with your company or else they might lose interest. Even you, as an individual marketer, must ensure to stay in touch with likeminded people while simultaneously creating connections with a new audience. When you think about such objectives to enhance your marketing strategy, which platform do you turn to? Obviously, social networking sites, right? Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accommodate the core essence of such an idea. 


Relationship networking works well because it helps to maximize lead generation, provides insight for market research, and allows you to share your ideas and opinions, assisting in brand awareness. You have the opportunity to target your potential prospects based on their personal information like hobbies and interests. You must also be inclined towards preserving ties with existing customers because even a 5% increase in retention rate will lead to a surge in profits by 25% to 95%.


How To Use Facebook For Marketing?

Facebook accounts for around 2.38 billion active users, making it a desired social hub for most businesses. Remember that people use Facebook to connect with colleagues, old friends, and family members, so your brand must fit in the atmosphere. Don’t make your contents all about sales, try to humanise your advertisement concept to secure engagement with many. As more people find your brand relevant for their needs and start to engage with your posts, you are more likely to appear on their feeds. 


How To Use Twitter For Marketing?

With over 174 million tweets every day, Twitter is the platform which will let you share concise pieces of information within 140 characters. If you fail to construct enticing contents, then people might just scroll across your tweets. Ensure the usage of statistics, quotes, or interrogative statements relevant to your brand’s voice to compel the viewers to click-through. Employ hashtags to actively participate in trending conversations and build your audience base.


How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing?

LinkedIn strictly adheres to the criteria of developing professional networks for B2B marketing. You may display the skilled experience in your industry and disseminate your thoughts and opinions with others. This will increase your prospect of being seen as an expert in your work. You must join specific groups resonating with your brand because you won’t witness interactions happening directly on your profile. 


Media Sharing Networks

As the name suggests, media sharing networks are used to upload visual contents like images, infographics, and videos. You may use such elements in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn too, but such sites mostly encourage microblogging with your website’s link at the end. However, if we consider, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or Snapchat, you will realise that they solely focus on graphical aspects. For instance, you have the 24 hours story option to tease the audience by indulging them into the fear of missing out (FOMO). Besides, other pictorial features like polls, GIFs, quiz, and question, etc. will genuinely enhance the contents being shared on your story. By creating aesthetic yet engaging posts, you will convey your brand’s ideals with greater comprehensibility. This makes it easier for your audience to retain a piece of information while performing an action favouring your company. 

Let’s take a closer look at the three prevalent forms of media and how it may cater to your goals and objectives of social media marketing campaign- 



Did you know that a social media post accompanied by an image has the potential for ten times greater engagement rate? But prior to assigning your time and resources for an exciting picture, you must always gain insight into your content's performance. Analyse which kind of image is working best in your niche and design your future posts similar to it. 



67% of B2B marketing business claim infographics for being immensely valuable as it provides an easy overview of the topic. It includes data concisely explained with charts, graphics, and a reduced amount of text. With the technological boom, you have the option to automate your infographic post, rendering more interaction from your customers. 



You will be hitting the goldmine of social media marketing by leveraging videos to attract individuals. As the statistics state, 76% of brands maximized their sales through video marketing while 80% saw an improvement in time spent on their profile. To stand out from the crowd, you must invest in contents that provides value and exhibit your brand’s reflection to the customers. Hop on to the trends of curating 15-30 secs video to tease and engage your audience. Or generate a documentary video to explain your company's ethos. 


Discussion Forums

Yes, you guessed it right, such platforms incite people to spark a conversation by either asking a question or just publishing a statement. Individuals resort to discuss news, ideas, or opinions and others with similar interest on the subject might even join the content thread. Discussion forums like Quora and Reddit could be an ideal juncture for market research. As you may garner knowledge about the views and beliefs of your prospects about your brand. Even if you own a small business, you may learn about the trending talks related to your industry field. This provides you with an in-depth knowledge of how your company or business is perceived by the audience, letting you further enrich your strategy. 



If you seek to expand your brand’s awareness by extending knowledge, you should consider Quora. Users may inquire about all sorts of questions falling in line with your industry. It’s your responsibility to deliver a solution for those queries and appear as a leader for your company's benefit.



You will find varying topics ranging from politics to business to even memes, appointing Reddit as the ultimate discussion platform. The community feature has been termed as subreddits, each of which comprises a distinct theme. You can observe subreddits correlated with your industry or business to discover and engage with people while responding to the ongoing conversation. 


Social Blogging Networking Sites

Social blogging networks are among the most appealing forms of social media since they require a constant production of contents. Although it could use more preparation than other media platforms, but the results would bear fruit. You may witness a steady rise in inbound marketing and arrange specific incentives to convert leads. Conversion of traffic could happen by transforming the prospects into a buyer or handing them over to a sales team. In any way, blogging would help you to share complex ideas imparted by your brand with ease. Sometimes, certain jargon concepts require a detailed explanation which cannot be portrayed via graphical elements, this is where blogging comes to your rescue.


Blogging could also be beneficial for search engine optimization. When you update a blog post, you potentially establish yet other criteria to rank high in search. Qualifying your brand’s website to solve the search engine queries that folks are inquiring. So, if somebody requests Google with something like, “the key to social media marketing success”, one of the blog posts from Haarway, a premium listing service, will presumably pop up.


Community blogging networks like Tumblr and Medium works as an excellent medium to connect with readers. While it may seem like a daunting task to commence with blog contents, but such sites introduce an environment of free space. Use it to increase your readers and develop your brand’s voice.


Let's Wrap Up

Social media proves to be of eminent assistance when it comes to exploring various avenues to expand your company’s horizon. Treat your customers like people, understand their pain points and furnish the required value to them. Engaging and interacting with your clients have become even more straightforward with the advent of social media. Harness the uniqueness of each social media category to attain a successful social media marketing campaign. 

If you are still having second thoughts on how to proceed with it, you may pin your faith on Haarway and its team of experienced professionals to help you in the process at a meagre rate. 


Bhaskar Das  |  8 January 2021

This is very good..

Bhaskar Das  |  8 January 2021

This is very good..

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