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It is quite an amazing adventure to search for a house in your city. Your developer shows you several real estate properties Kolkata, and you remain confused on what to choose? It is also another difficult task to choose the right developer, as everybody shows themselves to be perfect in this task.

House hunting includes an emotional process. It is a difficult task to choose your dream house. Therefore this blog has got you covered. Read the tips below for a successful house hunt.


  • The Location Factor

The most important thing and the first step for a successful house hunt is ‘location.’ A location determines the surrounding amenities and provisions you receive. With a lovely neighborhood and warm atmosphere, you can adjust to the imperfections in your house. Once the home is bought, you can change everything but not the location.

While house hunting, make sure to check on the following points:

  • Proximity to your office location, whether it’s near or very far.
  • Observe the neighborhood charm and warmth.
  • Check the situation of the home in that location.
  • Check whether places are easily accessible to schools, parks, shopping malls, public transportation, etc.
  • Observe that the location is free from traffic noises and dangerous pets.


  • Observe The Plot

After location, you must look at the house site. The home plot is another crucial factor while house hunting. If the home is on a hill, check out for staircases, view, and walkout basement. Ensure that there are not many stairs to climb. Ask whether the yard is suitable for the kids and the pets? Is it safe to access the property or keeping stairs in the front door?


  • Observe The Neighborhood

Having a good neighborhood will make you feel at ease in your new home. People say you must own the smallest home in the best neighborhood that you can afford. Check the homes of the neighborhood. Are they consistent in size and features? Observe the cleanliness and maintenance of the area. Do they keep any old cars and trash all around? Also, check for enough spaces for cars, pets, kids, etc. Ensure to keep track of all of these.


  • Amenities And Comfort

Look for the amenities and comfort that your house will provide. After all, a house means a place where you reside comfortably. The price and factors of a house are determined by the amenities available. A house with many amenities will cost you more, but it’s worth it. These provisions include parking space, safety features, kids play area, clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc.

Do not forget to check on the electricity, fire safety, and disaster management equipment. All these are important factors for a healthy house. If not all amenities, make sure you get the important ones. A thorough research is always needed.


  • Quality Of Infrastructure

A renowned real estate developer is best known for its quality of construction. The infrastructure quality plays a vital part in a successful house hunt. An excellent infrastructure comprises marvelous interiors, enough ventilation, appropriate ceiling height, spacious rooms, fittings quality, and much more. When looking for a 3 BHK property for sale in Kolkata, you must research the infrastructure quality and whether it is more spacious than it says.


  • The Right Developer

More and more developers are flourishing in the city. It’s hard to select the one that provides relevant prices. Check on the developer’s credentials before investing in your new home. Be sure that you don’t fall into any sudden hassle later on and after the buying process. Go through the developer’s previous projects to know the capacity and building quality.


  • Appeal And Lifestyle

Your home should reflect your lifestyle. You should determine your house’s style whether you wish for a Victorian style or a house made of bricks. If your location falls within an earthquake-prone area, avoid a brick house. Go for anything simpler and contemporary. However, the choice is completely yours. The roof's condition must be good with an attractive landscape. The sidewalks leading to the house must be safe.


  • The Floor Plan

Will you live in a house with three bedrooms alone? So, keep a check on the floor plan. Don’t think of an impractical dream house. A spacious house with an office, crafts, and art area will cost you a huge maintenance fee. You will require excess furniture to fill the gap and more money. Think about the house whether it can fit your daily lifestyle and earnings.


  • Look For Kitchen

Don’t go for a home without a kitchen. You can always remodel it, but that will cost you extra money. The furnishing cost needed can be expensive. Look for a house with a settled kitchen. You can just shift the things according to you.


  • Windows And Lighting

The window setup is vital to bring in the natural light. Look for a house that is bright inside. It also showers positivity. Check whether enough light enters your kitchen, look for electrical outlets and fixtures. Is there a fantastic chandelier in the dining room? Or cave lighting in the family room? If these aren’t present, you can add them later on.


  • The Price Determination

A 2 BHK flat price in Kolkata starts from 30 lakhs onwards. Ensure to check all the credibility of the house before paying a heavy amount. Check on the hidden cost, including registration fee, maintenance charges, location cost, stamp duty, parking fee, etc. Be prepared for the additional cost.


The Finish Line

The process of successful house hunting involves many decisions and tasks. Though it’s tough but by following the above steps, house hunting becomes easy. A residential society depends entirely on real estate developers. It is very crucial to find the perfect home for you. Ensure you rely on a verified developer for house hunting. If you keep these specific tips on your mind while house searching, you are sure to find the perfect home.

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