Event Trends In 2021: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Event Trends In 2021: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

It’s no secret to anyone how the Covid-19 pandemic agonized each and every walks of like. As the circumstances changed, the human presence and touch soon became a plague that everybody wanted to avoid. It even made your life slow down with a certain degree of ambiguity. We know how the event management industry happened to be the worst-hit area by the physical and economic meltdown. Although not much might change in 2021, we are here with an educated guess of how we can handle the situations with greater diligence and support. We have compiled few event trends that we hope to witness with superior vigor in the year 2021. Let’s dive into it!


Hybrid Events Are The Future


Yes, you read it right. We are claiming hybrid events to be the future as it comprises the essence of both online and offline experiences. With this concept, you will allow engagement with an even larger audience who are not constrained by global boundaries. Almost 76% of the planners decide to make technology as their new venue for most of their events. More and more companies would hope to fixate on hybrid events as it offers exponential digital rendezvous.


 As an event management head, your job will adopt the idea of both planning and marketing to acquire insight, which will aid in increasing the value. This brings in the importance of choosing the right partner for your brand’s event. You will be familiar with the additional planning requirements corresponding to your goals and eventually help you make proper decisions. The challenges are mounting, but if you coordinate with a cohesive event technology that will deliver promising efficiency, you will stay winning in every aspect.


Bring In Value And Educate The Attendees  


People have always craved for informative experiences, so it’s a smart choice to blend your events motive with something educational. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting virtual, in-person, or hybrid events, allow your attendees to indulge invaluable and learning endeavors. By creating a satisfying attendee experience, you enhance your opportunities to be known as an expert in your niche and field. If your conference, seminar, or just any sort of function delivers high-quality content, then people would be more likely to purchase or remain connected with your organization. It will only bear fruitful results in the long run. 


For an even better outcome, you may bring in the possibility of inviting inspirational speakers or influencers to introduce a specific skill set for the audience. This will assist in increasing your credibility and provide all the more reasons for people to join your events and later build a long-lasting connection. While selecting individuals to speak at your events, it's not necessary to entice only celebrities and renowned folks. The person should be entertaining and recognizable enough for your audience. You may also keep in mind the various touchpoints of the viewers. For instance, apart from the knowledge you are imparting, they might also be keen on hearing music. So, it's only viable that you serenade your events with certain performances to allow a breathing gap, but obviously, it will all depend on your objectives. 


Covid-19 Cases Will Impact The Selection Of Venues


It’s only natural to check the number of people affected by the coronavirus before booking a venue for your event. Also, in 2021 the countries with fewer cases and strictest health regulations will be more open to the idea of an in-person meeting. It may seem unlikely in the coming months but still ready for uncertain mishaps to occur anytime. Rules and regulations about the pandemic are changing daily, brief the clients of the event's nature and what shall be done if such a misfortune happened. As the host, would you postpone the event, shift it online or cancel it? You must always prepare for things to go south. Keep up to date with the recent news and incidents in your town or area to better predict the circumstances. 


On-Site Covid Testing


An efficient way to ease the anxious audience's minds is by conducting organized Covid-19 testing at the time of registration itself. You will have to take care of medical units, testing kits, and event staff who would be compliant to get the needful done. You will have the task of strategizing the location of on-site testing at the venue. Bear in mind that it should not overwhelm the guests while looking for the testing space. The area must include centralized yet far away from the leading conference or the event zone. Besides, you must ensure sanitization and thermal checking to detect any symptoms and avoid people from getting infected. 


Ultimately it makes you realize that people would prefer a flexible venue with larger capacity limits. It will render a sense of comfort and safety for everyone present during the event. Apart from the importance of arranging on-site testing, a flexible venue will grant you the freedom to assemble the obligations for a proper social distancing method during the event. It will portray you as an authority who cares for the attendees and, at the same time, a professional who aspires to convey much of their wisdom to help others. 


Micro Events To Provide A Personalised Experience


The lessons learned during the pandemic will remain intact with us even in 2021. If you are organizing an event, you must consider the health spectrum to avoid your brand's negative repercussions. This is why the trend of micro-events is on a surge. It becomes a necessity if you cannot afford a large venue with more generous space. With a compact guest list, you cater to each one’s need individually and in a more personalized manner. It reduces the stress load for you and others. Also, in today’s paradigm, individuals are more drawn to intimate gatherings because it makes them feel important, inculcating a sense of belongingness. The notion prizes its ability of authentic engagement. This perception of ‘belongingness’ will permit them to cooperate with your brand in any future endeavors. 


The WHO guidelines state the importance of briefing the guests about the safety precautions right before the meeting starts. Also, even if you are planning for a micro-event, you must always cater to comfort the attendees' apprehensions. The best consideration here would be to select an outdoor venue to hold the event. If it's an indoor area, ensure that it's well ventilated to provide breathing space for everyone present during the function. 


Follow These Trends To Maximize Your Efforts In 2021


There is no doubt that 2020 has been a learning experience to deal with uncertain natural occurrences for everyone. The event management industry is evolving to cater to people’s safety concerns and proper operation during a global pandemic. This is just a friendly reminder that the trends mentioned earlier would likely rule in the year 2021, so it’s our advice that you get yourself acquainted at the earliest. Although the path might seem tough and challenging but remember that success will only fall upon you if you take this moment as a new experience. This will clear your mind from all the questions that may reside and help you gain better prospects to move on for your company's brighter future. It will not only impact your business, but it will also boost the attendees' confidence as they glance at the positive aura that you represent. 


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