Friendship Day 2021: Date, Significance, History and Importance

friendship day 2021

Life has always been in motion, from highs and lows to cracking jokes at serious situations to talking about that toxic ex over ice cream and zoning into some deep conversations. But do you know who has always stayed by your side, supported you through thick and thin, and made sure that you hold on to your crown even after getting stood up by your date? Your Friends! It's this special bond that has traversed through all your emotions and yet won’t judge, familiar to all your moods and yet won’t budge, and if someday you feel the blues, they’ll sit with you holding a chocolate fudge. If you know what we are talking about then, kudos to your friendship. And guess what? That time of the year is closing in, so take a moment to perhaps buy a friendship band for your BFF since friendship day is just around the corner!

Significance of Friendship Day

From laughing at all the weird food combinations that your friends like to somehow developing a fondness for eating pizza with ketchup. From coming up with fun weekend plans to ultimately feeling lazy and deciding to binge on Netflix with yummy snacks. From spending hours to select that one ‘Instagrammable picture’ to commenting “EWW” when they actually post it. From being too broke to visit a fancy restaurant to enjoying their company at a nearby tea stall. If you ask us about the significance of Friendship Day, it's these unspoken acts that forge a bond so deep that no man can ever understand, not even Elon Musk. 

It’s not every day that you realize how crucial friends are for your life because they tend to effortlessly merge into it. However, let’s celebrate their understated glory on friendship day and thank them for being such an integral part. After all, it's them with whom you can be your true self, and they’ll still love you unconditionally.

(“I’ll Be There For You” playing in the background)

How is Friendship Day Celebrated?

Well, the way you commemorate your friendship evolves in accordance with your age. Remember when you were in school and how you used to purchase friendship bands? Yeah, it could be a funny memory now, but those were the days of innocence. You knew it then to buy special-looking bands for your BFFs and just some normal ones to tie onto the wrists of everyone else. The rest of the day would go by partying in the school canteen, where you all shared lunch and chocolates. Also, wasn’t it a fantastic feeling when your hands were lined with several colorful friendship bands? 

But as you grew older, you realized the importance of “quality over quantity.” Now, you might not get as many friendship bands or even loads of ‘Happy Friendship Day’ texts, but you have those faithful friends who’ll never leave your side. And as the special day draws in nearer, you all eagerly wait for Friendship Day coupons and discounts to enjoy the day at a luxury restaurant and then perhaps dance the night away at your favorite club. Nevertheless, from childhood to teen-life to adulthood, friendship is what keeps you alive; friendship is what helps you grow. This is also a reminder for you to buy them a gift, hurry. 

History of Friendship Day

This day was first suggested as International Friendship Day in Paraguay in 1958. Nevertheless, it is considered to have begun in the 1930s with Joyce Hall, the originator of Hallmark cards. Initially, Friendship Day was used as a sales gimmick. Hall set aside the day to honor those dearest to you, and thereby, send them a card to let them know that you're missing them. The marketing campaign gave rise to an international celebration, which was declared by the US Congress in 1935 and is observed each year on the first Sunday in August.

The United Nations General Assembly declared the International Day of Friendship in 2011 to inspire peaceful initiatives and build bridges across societies via friendship amongst communities, regions, cultures, and people. The declaration emphasizes the need to incorporate young people, as potential leaders, in cooperative programs that enhance international equality and compassion for diversity.

The International Day of Friendship is a project based on UNESCO's initiative to define the Culture of Peace as a collection of beliefs, perspectives, and actions that condemn violence and strive to eliminate conflicts by resolving their core causes. Thereby, in 1997, the United Nations General Assembly approved it, and in 1998 Winnie the Pooh was made the global Ambassador of Friendship. 

So, is there a story behind the popularised friendship bands?” As a matter of fact, YES! 

They came into existence in the 1980s. Bands were used during a massive demonstration in Guatemala over the missing Mayan Indians and peasants. Such bands were also often used during political meetings. The indigenous populations of Central and South America are attributed to the creation of these bands. However, many people believe it originated in China between 481 and 221 BC.

This friendship band is also the subject of a well-known legend. It is said that when you wrap a band around your friend's wrist as a mark of connection, you must make a wish at the same time. The band isn't meant to be taken off until it's completely worn out. And as it slips off, the desire you had expressed comes true. So beautiful, isn’t it?

When will it be Celebrated in India?

You will get to mark the occasion of Friendship Day 2021 on the 1st of August. So, if you hadn’t already planned on how you’ll be spending the day with your friends this Sunday, it's high time to do it now. And as we all know, “A Day spend with friends is always a day well spend,” you don’t really have to plan out extravagant outings. Be it wishing each other over a video call or re-watching the episodes F.R.I.E.N.D.S with your best buds, you know it’ll be an exciting day with them no matter what! 

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