How to Plan a Girl’s Night Out Like a Pro?

How to Plan a Girl’s Night Out Like a Pro?

How to Plan a Girl’s Night Out Like a Pro?

Gone are the days when only boys used to have all the fun in the world! Girls are no longer lagging behind when it comes to having fun. With the cursory concept of girls’ night-out seeping into the soil of Kolkata, the millennial women are no longer shying away from clubbing or partying all night long. Planning a girl’s night out anytime sooner? Don’t forget to stick to the following tips to make it ‘a night to remember’ –

  • Hit a Fancy Bar –

Today, there is seldom any girl who does not like to booze. And, no girl’s night-out is complete without alcohol. Plenty of bars in the city now provide good drinks, DJs, and open access to partying all night long. Having fun is best done with a goblet of alcohol in hand, after all! So, go ahead and find the best bar in Kolkata without wasting any further time.

  • Attend an Event –

This is the month of January. Almost every metro city in India tends to host different events such as music fests, food carnivals, etc. during this time of the year. Figure out every event that’s taking place near you. Switch to the Internet to find all the intricate details about an event happening near you. But, before the tickets of an event, make sure to check whether your girl gang is interested to take part.

  • Eat Out –

If food makes your face glow with unbridled happiness, head out to the best restaurant in Kolkata. Go on an eating spree to have a whale of a time with your girlfriends. There is no dearth in good eateries in the City of Joy. Almost all the reputed restaurants in the city have their official websites. From a website, you can easily grab all the necessary information about an eatery, which you are looking to zero in on.  Sweep your eyes over the customer review section as well to have a thorough idea about its services, food quality, etc.

  • Traverse around the City –

Step out, take your girls in tow, and do everything you would do if you were to an unknown place. Learn to fall in love with every nook and cranny of your city once again. Revisit some old favorites where you and your girl gang used to hang out. Take the fun of a girl’s night-out to another level with a dosage of home-city pride.

  • Watch a Movie –

Because what feels better and more exciting than watching a good movie? Channel your inner movie-buff with all of your close girlfriends on the girl’s night out. It can be extremely freeing to perk up your mood with a good movie. Catch a midnight show of the latest release keeping your girls in tow. If your pocket permits, spruce up the night with loads of food and beverages.

  • Bust a Move –

Dance till the Sun comes up if you want your girl’s night-out to be etched on your mind forever. Head out to the best disc in Kolkata and spin under a disco ball with your girl gang. Nothing makes you feel more alive than busting a move to some Karaoke music. If this option does not interest you, scope out a music fest with live songs and a lot of fun.

In a Nutshell

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