Importance of Vastu for a Happy and Peaceful Living

Importance of Vastu for a Happy and Peaceful Living

Importance of Vastu for a Happy and Peaceful Living

For eons, ‘Vastu’ has been touted as one of the biggest concerns for almost every resident. All of us want our home to be filled with happiness, peace, and prosperity. As per the Vastu-gurus, everyone should pay heed to Vastus or science of architecture to keep negativity and misfortune at bay. If you are planning to move into your 2 and 3 BHK flat in Kolkata,  get a thorough understanding of the science of architecture from this following write-up –

  • The Prayer Corner –

Having a little corner for praying is a must for every Indian household. According to the science of Vastu, a prayer room should be set up at the North-East corner of a house. This direction is considered as the most auspicious corner in an abode. Keep the idols in such a way that when you pray, you face the North-East direction. Keep this fact in mind while setting up the pray-room in your apartment in North Kolkata.

  • Set Up the Bedroom Wisely

Your bedroom should be in the South-Western direction if you want to explore the hidden perks of Vastu. South must be your sleeping direction. Try to keep the bed as neat and clean as possible. Refrain from cramming your bedroom with too many furniture, decor pieces, and the likes. Your bedroom is supposed to be the tranquil-most corner in your 3 BHK apartment in Kolkata. Hence, keep all the corners tidy. If you have a beam running on the ceiling of your bedroom, ensure that you don’t place the bed under it.

  • Take Care of the Doors

The main door of your apartment plays a crucial role in Vastu. If possible, then try to keep the main door of your house open inside so the positive energies don’t gush out. The hinges of the main door must not make a lot of noise. Make sure to grease them as often as possible to keep the unnecessary noises at bay.

  • Where is the Toilet?

One of the most underrated corners of a house is a toilet. As per the Vastu-experts, the most ideal direction of setting up a washroom is North-South. Adequate ventilation is mandatory in a perfect washroom. Remember that dirt invariably attracts negative energy. So, keep your washroom tidy and clean always.

  • What about the Kitchen?

Another major corner in a house is the kitchen. South-West is considered to be the direction to set up all the cooking arrangements in a 2 and 3 BHK flat in Kolkata. Keep the oven in the Eastern direction. Cross ventilation is mandatory in a healthy and happy kitchen.

  • Some More Tips

Hang a gigantic mirror on the North-Eastern wall of your dining room. It attracts good health and prosperity. To let your love life grow in spades, keep your family pictures in the South-West direction. To gain more fame and success, you should keep a red lamp in the South. To reduce fights, you can hang a wind-chime in your bedroom’s window. To let the positive energy flow continuously, keep the center of your apartment in North Kolkata clutter-free.

In a Nutshell –

Besides abiding by the aforementioned tips, you must practice positive thinking to bring in loads of joy and fame in your life. Hope, that you loved reading this blog. This blog has been brought to you by Haarway. For reading more such interesting write-ups, please check out the website of Haarway.



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