5 Offbeat Places and Things to do in Kolkata

Things to do in Kolkata

"Kolkata is not just a city but an emotion". That is what you will hear if you ask to describe Kolkata in a sentence, from someone thriving in the city of joy. Once you visit it, the antique surroundings, the smiling faces and the air itself would be etched on your heart forever. The beautiful memories would affix with the fragments of your own life because it’s difficult to forget something pure in its true essence. Rich with cultural heritage, this laid-back charm has much to offer than what has been shown in Google.

We wouldn't be wrong to claim that Kolkata is more than what meets the eye. It will all seem like an exaggeration until and unless you experience this 'emotion' or witness the magnificence from your own eyes. We are here to take you on a tour that will allow you to revel in the offbeat places in Kolkata. Are you excited? Because we are thrilled! Since we understand the woes of a curious traveller, we have explored the various places to visit in Kolkata that will let you discover the glory in blossom. Without any further ado, let's delve into Kolkata, passing through its streets and lanes, all the while being wrapped in a blanket of warmth and love.

1. Breakfast in Chinatown

This place could be claimed as a paradise for the non-vegetarians especially the ones favouring seafood. Be sure to reach Chinatown before 7 am to engage in the local humdrum of the Chinese immigrants, flowing through their works generation after generation. You will be mesmerized to witness sumptuous cultural values and how people adapted themselves to live in harmony with each other. With a cacophony of sounds and hues, you will indulge in an out-worldly experience as you quench your quest for robust flavors and taste. Regionally, the China Town is also known as Tiretti Bazaar

Are you waiting for us to reveal what sort of food items will you get here? Although, we urge you to visit China Town and see it for yourself but let us give you a brief idea of what you are missing now. You will gaze at the local fishermen preparing different varieties of fishes to suit your insatiable needs, and you may even find butchers laying out their products in the market.

Nonetheless, when it comes to exotic Chinese food, you will avail yourself the taste of steamed momos, fried momos, soups, dumplings, Tibetan bread, egg bhurjees, to list a few. Also, once you are there, in China Town, don't forget to visit the following restaurants- Beijing, Kim Ling, Golden Joy, Big Boss, Fung Fa, and Kafulok.

For our vegetarian readers, the best alternative would be to halt Nastha Bazaar in Kakurgachi. One thing is for sure that when you are in Kolkata, you won't be disappointed because there is something special for almost everyone.

2. Visiting Old Churches

If you are someone who adores art and architectural wonders, then Kolkata holds a spectacular range of churches, enough to raise your eyebrows in awe. It does not matter if you are a Christian or not, the tales of history and the stories associated with these churches will help you to expand your knowledge.

The best offbeat places in Kolkata to recount the yarns of the past would be The Armenian Church and St. John's Church. They have been asserted as two of the oldest surviving institutions. Such holy spaces would render a glimpse of the splendid interior and exterior designs that elevate your mood into a calming zone.

Talking about the St. John's Church, its importance lies in the fact that it was the first public building constructed by the East India Company. Apart from this, the grey marble floor and tall pillars provide an interesting appeal to the entire structure. It seems to be the perfect fit for an architect's dream.

3. Boating at Babughat

To strike an off-beat chord, how about you stray away from the famous tourist places in Kolkata, that is, Millennium Park and Princep Ghat. We know that you would like to explore the lesser-seen areas of Kolkata because not everyone likes to follow the crowd. For such an idiosyncratic mind like yours, we suggest you have fun while boating in Babughat.

If you ask us to list down the perks, first on the rank would be that you won't engage with a queue for a boat ride. Also, the scenery would be overwhelmingly pleasant, especially during the sunset. Note down that the timing for this activity commences at 10 am and goes on till midnight. The duration of this boating experience lasts approximately 2 hours and it would be an enthralling leisure time listed on your itinerary.

4. Exploring the Structures at Kumortuli

One of the best things to do in Kolkata from an artist's perspective would be to explore the colorful alleys of Kumortuli. The exuberance radiating through the beauty, art, and sculptures can't be expressed through words. Take our recommendation to not follow any tour guides while wandering through this vibrant neighborhood. You need to explore Kumortuli on your own, walk through it by allowing your feet to trace an invisible path.

You would be in for a treat if you were to visit this area before Durga Puja. Nevertheless, the streets of Kumortuli are always buzzing with activity as it provides shelter to hundreds of artists. This expedition will make you ponder for days, ponder about the creative minds of those people who lead their feeble hands to erect a structure. A structure reeking of pure talent and artistry.  It is incomparable to any other activity because it provides natural joy and happiness.

5. Discovering the Lane of Books

This might seem like a beautiful dream for any fanatical book lover but in the heart of North Kolkata, there lies an entire market committed to the love of books. No matter what your heart desires, the huge collection of books in College Street would cater to it. You have a wide array of choices ranging from school books to novels and art books. And wait till you hear the best part about College Street. It provides you with second-hand books at a much cheaper price, making it a hub for absolute glee for book lovers all around the world.

Are You Ready to Immerse Yourself in Kolkata?

A melting pot of art, culture, and history, Kolkata unravels a newfound world that brings forth an enchanting atmosphere. It would be an alluring experience to explore Kolkata at your own pace, without a planned itinerary, just your heart taking you out on a spree. There are so many trusted and best hotels in Kolkata that would seem like a home far away from home. So, what are you waiting for? Still not sure which company to trust to cater to your whims and desires? That’s not a problem that should stop you from connecting with Kolkata!

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