Reasons why Saraswati Puja is the Valentine’s Day for Bongs

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Saraswati puja is the biggest festival for the Bengalis. If you stay in Kolkata, you are sure to enjoy this festival. This festival takes place in the homes of every Bengali Hindu people. Many renowned purohit in Kolkata conduct the entire puja in houses, pandals, and educational organizations.

Saraswati puja is just like Valentines Day for bongs. There are many reasons to support this statement. On this day, except for puja offerings, couples gift each other beautiful bouquets arranged from the best flower decorators in Kolkata. Girls groom themselves from the best beauty salon in Kolkata since they have to look perfect this day. You will also notice excellent stage decorations by decorators from among the best stage decorators in Kolkata.

Bengalis who live outside West Bengal will have a smile on their face once they join this festival coming to this state. It is the one day when the youth gets to celebrate their love along with puja enjoyment. Let’s look at this blog below and know why Saraswati puja is Valentine’s day for the bongs.

Youth Grooming And Beauty

Saraswati puja is the day when young bongs come out in flying colors. Most girls wear saree this day, and the men wear kurta pajamas, giving themselves a pure Bengali style look. You will see numerous youth couples on the streets of Kolkata having a romantic time with each other. Girls groom themselves from the best beauty salon in Kolkata, and boys go for a new trendy hairstyle from the best salon in Kolkata for men. We see very much youth grooming and fashion in Saraswati puja, making it more like a romantic outing trying to please your lovers. Thus, this is one of the reasons why Saraswati puja is Valentine’s day for bongs.

A Day To Skip Studies

Saraswati puja is a day to skip your studies and keep your books aside. Hindu Bengali people surrender their books to Maa Saraswati’s feet to receive her blessings. Ma Saraswati is known as the Goddess of education. You can skip studying for the whole day even if your final exams are near. Go and hang out with friends; your special friend might be in the group.

The Season Of Love

You can call February the month and season of love. Bengalis celebrate Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchami day, which means festive spring in English. On this day, we will welcome spring with gratitude in our hearts; another word for spring is bosonto, which means love. Thus, it’s the season of love. The winter chill reduces, the atmosphere remains fresh, the flowers start blooming in full glee. This whole scenario gives a perfect DDLJ style in mind. There is love in the air, and you are sure to enjoy it with your loved one.

The Love For Ethnic

Both the girls and boys have to be in their best traditional look. Be it any saree or kurta wear, having a traditional look is mandatory. Men try to give themselves a trendy look by wearing pajamas, Punjabi and looking great in them. Most Bengalis prefer wearing traditional during puja and also while they are out celebrating love. You’ll spot the teenage boys and girls walking awkwardly in their sarees or dhotis. You will also see kids wearing sarees, and they look so beautiful. It’s Valentines day for bong since the love for ethnicity is seen in every young soul who walks hand in hand with their lover. 

No Comments And Rules

Today, no one will comment on you if you ride a girl on your bike’s back seat or go for a stroll in the park with your partner. No one will talk about your overly decked-up look or if you walk hand in hand with your partner. Saraswati puja is the only day when kids don’t need permission to step out of their house. The youth are mostly unable to meet their love due to parental pressure, but on this day, they are free to roam with their lover without coming to anyone’s notice. You can stay out as long as you wish, hop into colleges, schools, tuition classes, or lover’s point. You have total freedom.

Best Time For Romantic Dates

Saraswati puja is the perfect time for a romantic date with your lover. Most youth couple save their pocket money for this day to spend on their sweet date. You’ll see most couples spending a romantic time with each other sitting in beautiful parks. Crowds gather near the puchkas and jhalmuri stalls. They taste heavenly, especially during this festival. In today’s time, though phuchkas remaining constant, teenagers usually go out for a movie date. Since it’s all about a romantic date, Saraswati puja is Valentine’s Day for bongs.

Great Day To Open Up

Bengali guys tend to open up on Saraswati puja. You might get lucky, and they may open up about their feelings. The surrounding atmosphere, weather, ambiance, parks, restaurants, hotels, and all seem to support the proposal. Most boys expect that the answer in return will be an elegant bong smile. So, boys, save all your feelings for this perfect Bengali Valentine’s Day and propose to her, expressing all your hidden feelings.

A Reunion Of Old Friends

Saraswati puja means re-visiting your old school or college. All bong schools and colleges organize Saraswati puja to pay tribute to the Goddess of education. This time all pass-outs get an opportunity to unite with their old friends, re-visit their classrooms, and meet their old teachers. The specialty for this day is the delicious khichuri, which tastes unforgettable. These all things together create a chance for new love. Unity, in other words, calls for love and bonding. Thus, the enjoyment with your old friends and colleagues is another reason why Saraswati puja is Valentine’s Day for bongs.

Food Equals To Love

Food is the center of attraction on Valentine’s Day, and it unites all food lovers together into one festival season. We get to eat from a plethora of dishes like puri, mix dal, aloo dum, khichdi, mixed flaked rice, and many others. These food dishes are mouth watery and delicious. As we know, food unites tastebuds together. Thus food equals love. On Saraswati Puja, food lovers go out to explore all types of puja prasads, street food, delicious sweets, and many others. As a result, we call it the occasion of love since the festival unites the lovers via food.

All Put Together

Saraswati puja is also Valentine’s Day for bongs. It unites the youth lovers and let them spend time with each other. It’s a beautiful festival of the Hindu religion and an escape day for youths to express their love. I hope this blog has given you enough reasons to your question. On this festive day, we all tend to groom ourselves to the best and wear the best outfit in front of our lovers to impress them.

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