Roof Waterproofing Solutions For Terrace Garden

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In today’s world, most cities lack space for a garden. High-rise buildings have taken most of the space. In this case, having a garden on the terrace comes in handy. A terrace garden lets you connect with nature no matter what place you live. If you have a terrace garden and due to the stormy monsoon season, there is leakage from the terrace. To avoid this, you must work on a roof waterproofing solution by contacting any roof waterproofing solutions in Kolkata. Read this article below to gain more information on this topic. 

What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a process via which a structure or an object is turned waterproof; it becomes water-resistant in easy words. The structure remains less unaffected by water. In today’s modern times, waterproofing is done by adding water-resistant coatings and sealing seams.

Why is sometimes waterproofing a failure?

- Waterproofing failure occurs due to poor artistry and non-compliance with the application procedures.

- 36% of the failure occurs due to incorrect selection of products and improper identification of leakage source.

The surface preparation

The surface preparation is the beginner key to any solution. Surface preparation includes creating a strong foundation for waterproofing systems to last longer than life expectancy. Now, this preparation has few steps, have a look at the points below. 

- Gather the construction joints together and try removing the loose concrete from the joint.

- Deep cleaning and washing will remove the impurities like oil, grease, and attached particles.

- Remove the fungus that weakens the surface, causing it to crack due to weathering.

- Drill holes fix the nozzles in construction joints and patch up the joint with cement sand mortar.

Repair the weaken substrate

You need to loosen the concrete, re-plaster it, or strengthen it more. Once the process is done, continue the same method for a specified amount of period. Keep in mind, in general, the curing period is of 3 days continuous. If there are tiles on the surface or china mosaic chip, treat the hollow tiling part first. 

For the next step, clean it to remove any dirt or foreign particle. You need to have an in-depth investigation on the surface for any cracks.

Seal outlets and projections

You must know, each flat should have a roof with an attached rainwater outlet. Due to the overflow of water, this system helps to drain the excess water. Similarly, there is plumbing projection with an air-release and sewage protection with a gas release for any roof.

Certain roofs have platforms for lift room access. Work on sealing the joints between the surface and the floor. Make sure the water doesn’t enter through any gap or opening.

Apply primer and base coat

The primer acts as the bond between the coating and the surface. This process ensures smoother adhesion and increases the coating’s durability, and protects the surface as an addition. 

The base coat is the most critical, important, and primary part of any coating. This coat deeply affects the functionality, working, and performance of the coating system.

When you waterproof the base coat, the process creates a strong foundation that absorbs the movement shocks. These shocks are caused by the surface or external movement. Such a step also includes creating a coving at the intersection of joints and floor.

Reinforcement and intermediate coat

If you add a reinforcement to the system, it adds life to the coating system and extends its performance level. For this, you can contact roof treatment for water leakage in Kolkata to do the needful. This method also helps to overcome crack bridging without any coating failure. Intermediate coats serve a different purpose: insulation, system isolation, and additional protection level to the coating system. 

Use The Topcoat

It serves the top level of the system. This topcoat comes with numerous properties like anti-abrasive, UV stable, anti-static, solar reflective, etc. These properties are not part of the available standard topcoat, but it isn’t challenging to find one in the market. The waterproofing contractors in Kolkata can do this work for you. 

Adding protective layer

You can add the following protective methods by following these two points:

- Apply a thick protective layer that consists of cement, sand water mixed with an integral waterproofing compound. Ensure the RCC holds the slope for draining the water away. On    the other hand, you can build an adequate slope by PCC.

- Before you fill the soil, make proper arrangements for filtration, draining, etc.

All put together

Maintaining a terrace garden adds beauty to your home or apartment. I hope this blog was helpful for you to know how you can waterproof the terrace garden. For any roof leakage repair services in your nearby area, location, place like Kolkata, contact anyone from the roof leakage repair in Kolkata. Use the service listing domains that help you choose the best and verified roof repair companies as per your location, budget, need, etc.

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