The Luck Factor: Vastu Tips for a Happy Home

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Vastu Shashtra is known as the “science of architecture.” It merely refers to geometric perfection. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science derived from India. It explains the principles, measurements, space arrangements, and area geometry. You can come in touch with Vastu for home consultant to serve your needs. Vastu Shastra is the geographical alignment that follows the universal pattern. The more aligned your home is with the universe, the more positive energy your home will receive. Thus, this blog will guide you on the Vastu tips for a happy home.


What are the basic principles of Vastu Shastra?


Hindu Mythology predicts that the universe is made from the planets, the sun, the moon, the cosmos, and our body, the five elements. These elements are also known as ‘Panchabhoota.’ Vastu Shastra balances all these five elements inside the home atmosphere. When you maintain your home in a balanced state, you gain charge to create your destiny.


  • Air-

    The air or Vayu is the oxygen. We need this oxygen to breathe the air and live. Vastu Shashtra guides how to place doors, windows, gardens, balconies, etc for a better airflow.

  • Earth-

    The earth is the land that rests below and above the sea. This element is the basis of all life, holds continents and other landmasses. Vastu Shashtra maintains the peace, harmony, success, career, and relationship in the house with this element’s help.

  • Water-

    The water is the most crucial element that keeps life on earth alive. It deals with healing, clarity in thoughts, building new ideas, creating new vision, immunity, and health restoration.

  • Fire-

    The fire symbolizes heat, light, thunder, body temperature, day and night. As per Vastu Shashtra, fire indicates enthusiasm, high spirits, and passion.

  • Space-

    Space holds the entire universe. This element includes forces like light, heat, gravitational forces, waves, magnetic fields, and everything that holds it together. It mostly represents communication, expansion, and spread.


Implement On The Home

We all wish our homes to be a good blessing with positivity, happiness, and prosperity. Praying for one’s well-being is fine, but what more can you do to attain your objective and have a stable financial life? With Vastu Shashtra, you can transform your house into an altar of peace, love, and tranquility.

  • Welcome the sunshine at your home through open windows every morning. It will brighten up the day and will add more prosperity. According to science, it can help prevent house infections.

  • Avoid leaving your wall empty. Why not decorate it with wall paintings, photo frames, art, and much more. Do you know? A painting of a goldfish or a river flowing symbolizes the house’s financial stability.

  • Bring an aquarium; the constant flow of fish signifies wealth and fortune.

  • Keep the glasses of doors and windows clean. Let the positive energy flow inside your home. Create a small water fountain with pebbles. Flow of water attracts positivity and fortune.


Beautify The Entrance Door

It is said, positive energy enters through the main doors. Even guests visit via the same main door. Since it’s the channel from where different kinds of energies enter, you can use simple hacks that attract energies like wealth, prosperity, happiness, and joy. Get Vastu consultants in Kolkata to serve your needs.

For this, you need to work on the following points,

  • Let the entrance door be built facing the directions north, north-east or east.
  • Carve the front door out of wood to attract positivity.
  • The entrance area must be brightly lit either by sunshine or by other types of light.
  • Use well-designed templates with your name.
  • Hang bells and torans in front of the main door.
  • Don’t keep any shoe rack near the entrance. It blocks all the positive power.
  • The exit gate must be smaller in size than the main gate.


Work On The Living Room

Do you know? Energies gather in the living room. It’s the space where families gather to socialize and for entertainment. This area can carry both negative and positive energy. Following the Vastu Tips, you must consider designing the living room at its best.

  • The living room must be facing the north, northeast, or northwest.
  • Don’t use dark colors to paint the walls of the living room.
  • Hang aesthetic paintings that call for sacred energies.
  • Place all the heavy furniture to the south of the living room.
  • Avoid artificial flowers as they attract negative vibes.


Vastu Bedroom Tips

The bedroom is the most safest place where we reside. It’s the place to rejuvenate yourself the next day. A bedroom with a poor design can harm your relationships and sleep patterns. These call for negativity.

  • Place the bed in the north, south, west, or southwest direction. While you rest, place the head in the same direction.
  • Don’t keep a mirror near your bed. It depletes away your positive energy and causes fights.
  • For bedroom decoration, use light colors like sky blue, rose, yellow, and other pastel colors.
  • Keep artistic paintings like pictures of landscapes to gather happy vibes.
  • Avoid keeping any electrical items like mobiles, computers, tabs, etc in your bedroom. Even if it’s there, make sure to switch them all off.


Drain Negativity From Bathroom

We often ignore the bathroom while following the Vastu tips. The bathroom, being the most functional area during emergencies and relaxation, this place is usually ignored. This area helps in draining out the energies from the house.


  • Build the bathroom to the northwest section of the house.
  • Use a mix of colors like beige, brown for the interiors of the bathroom.
  • Fix and repair the water outlets like washbasins and showers. Keep them in the north, northeast, or east side of the bathroom.
  • Ensure that the washroom isn’t beside the kitchen or the prayer room.
  • Avoid using metal doors for the bathroom’s entrance door since it traps away the negative energy.


Decorate The Kitchen

If you suffer from regular ill health, it’s due to the bad Vastu of your kitchen. The kitchen is Agni, the Lord of Fire. As a result, every kitchen component must go well with this fire element. 

  • Place the kitchen to the southeast part of your home since Lord Agni monitors the whole area.
  • As you cook face east, it promotes good health and positivity. Make sure to place the utensils, cutlery, and other kitchen items based on it.
  • Never place the cooking stove near the wash sink since the combination of fire and water elements is dangerous.
  • Built one window to let the positive energy enter.
  • Avoid keeping any medicines in the kitchen.


Final Thoughts

Thus, you now know the importance of Vastu Shashtra in our homes. If we follow these above tips, our homes will be full of positivity. Know that you can start designing your house when you know all the ideas and tips. Make sure these five elements are placed well in your homes. Your focus point should be draining out the negative energy and welcoming positive energy. For more ideas and Vastu Shastri services, you can contact the best Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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