Things to do if You are Tested Positive for Covid-19


Covid-19 is a deadly virus that took the lives of millions of people worldwide. The 2020 pandemic was dreadful, and its effect is still continuing even today. When one suddenly becomes affected by this virus, the person needs to be hospitalized or stay in self-quarantine based on the virus’s effect. You can either opt for a private facility or a government facility. Therefore, everyone needs to know about specific things to do if you test positive for Covid.

You must be looking for answers everywhere. Worry no more. This write-up will provide you with a checklist of things to do if you are tested positive. So calm yourself down and have a read ahead.

Check for Health Insurance

The most important thing of all is checking for health insurance. If you opt for a private facility, you must check your health insurance policies. For such cases, cashless insurance is the best, and the sum deposited should be enough to support you for 7 days stay.

Staying at a good hospital can be expensive. For example, you might have to pay about 3.5 lakhs. However, if you depend on a family plan or your office plan, ensure that you know how much you are saving for the rest of your family members.

Sometimes it’s not possible to add two cashless insurances. Therefore, you need to be ready to reimburse the money for the second time since you need to pay the full amount in cash at the hospital. So check thoroughly before you take any decision regarding this matter.

Research on Bed Availability

Government facilities are more in numbers than private facilities. Have a mental preparation for both the facilities. What if beds are unavailable in private facilities? And you have to resort to a government facility. If you face any of the covid symptoms, make sure you research the Covid hospital bed availability beforehand.

You must consider both options. Then you can try convincing the Covid war room or CMO office to notify about the facility and get admitted. It’s safer to have several options in hand. You can also follow multiple social media health pages or also check out multiple service listing portals for any service in this field.

The number of people getting infected with this virus is increasing day by day. Therefore there is a shortage of beds available. You must only seek hospitalization if you suffer from serious health issues due to the infection.

Seek for Medical Advice

Once you are done with the diagnosis, you should contact your doctor for follow-up medical advice in this matter. Ask your doctor regarding the medicines you need to take, necessary dietary changes, and the courses for you to follow. A health professional will surely provide you with the best solution.

You can opt for this service by searching for doctors in Kolkata via business directories online and book an appointment right away. If in case you are seeking treatment for other conditions, inform your doctor immediately. Self-medication is not advisable. It can lead to any type of serious health issue.

Isolate Yourself from Everyone

It might seem weird, but the truth is you must isolate yourself from your near and dear ones to protect them from the virus. If the health professional advises you home quarantine, there are certain rules you need to follow for this. Or you can inform the authorities and wait for them to take the necessary steps.

If you are living in quarters and cannot isolate yourself alone, opt for a ventilated room that has a separate bathroom. Separate your utensils from others for two weeks. Do not share those utensils with anyone near you at any cost.

To avoid virus exposure, the ones staying with you should also go for the Covid test. In addition, all the members living with you should be quarantined along with you for a week long.

Pack Essentials in Your Bag

Pack your essentials you will need while you stay in quarantine. These necessary things will help and support you in emergencies for a week long. Have a look at the points below to know about the things you need to pack in your bag.

Things to Pack

1. Carry a hot water flask.

2. Take fruit juices, biscuits, and necessary immunity boosting food items for consumption.

3. Take fruits like apples, mangoes, etc that won’t rot in 5 to 7 days.

4. Pack knives, cutters, and daily essentials.

5. Don’t forget to carry disposable spoons and plates.

6. Try to pack a streamer in case of sudden breathing difficulties.

Thus, make sure to pack all the above items along with you and stay safe in quarantine. Also, you must check whether the quarantine facility has enough oxygen concentrators for immediate requirement.

Communicate with Your Family

While you are resting in the quarantine facility, check in with your family members. See whether they are showing any symptoms or not? Purchase an oximeter for your family members. Tell them to keep a check of their oxygen levels daily.

Constant health checkup is very important during this pandemic. If any of your family members face symptoms, consult a doctor immediately and put them under observation for one or two days, along with proper medication and vitamins. If there’s an emergency, ask them to get tested.

Sanitize and Disinfect Your House

The government facility might take a longer time to disinfect your house, don’t wait for them. You can’t stay within germs for a long time only to get ill again. Instead, hire a private facility to sanitize your entire house, either the same day or the next day, if you and your family are tested positive. In these cases, your family also needs to be quarantined for 14 days. Disinfecting your house will remove all the germs and bacteria from your entire house.

The Bottom Line

As we conclude with this blog, the most important thing is to worry less and calm yourself. Make sure you create a checklist of all the above things if you are tested positive. Stay safe, wear a mask, and sanitize frequently. If you are looking for 24 hours ambulance service in Kolkata or any service in this field, rely on multiple business directories online. These directories will provide you with expert services in this field as per your budget, location, need, etc.

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