Top Romantic Destinations for a Perfect Date in Kolkata

romantic restaurants in kolkata

Metro cities are not always the most romantic places – its nook and corners are always mired with traffic, crowd, pollution, and what not! If you’re looking to go on a date with your special someone, you must refrain from bumping into places where chaos and crowd are constant! However, if you and your partner love eating out, you always have the option of heading to romantic restaurants in Kolkata.

An outskirt area might make for an ideal dating destination as it tends to be quiet and quaint compared to the crowded bosoms of the City of Joy. Plus, the outskirt spots of Kolkata trump traffic jams and flaunt greenery to a great extent. If you choose a romantic spot wisely, chances are both you and your beau will get head over heels once again while exploring a beautiful place together.

We have carved out some of Kolkata’s top spots, which ooze out love, serenity, and everything romantic! Have a glance –

1. Princep Ghat

Take a car on rent in Kolkata, and drive to the mesmerizing ghat called Princep Ghat! A serene riverside area, this stunning ghat has been shown in many Bengali and Hindi cinemas.

Its riverbank adorns a beautiful monument, which boasts a Gothic-Greek architecture style. The façade of this monument becomes it's beautiful best, especially during the night. The gorgeous view of the Hooghly Bridge ought to leave you and your love spellbound!

Take private boat rides on the Ganges or take a stroll around the bank of Hooghly River – both will add to your romantic experience. You may take a ride on the Circular Railway to dig into some adventure

2. Eco Park

Eco Park is a slice of paradise in the City of Joy. With lush greenery and water sports coming together, this place could be an ideal destination for you and your beau to spend some quality time together.

The beauty of Eco Park is inexplicable – from manicured lawns to musical fountains to trees gently rustling in the breeze and multiple other attractions! This beautiful park flaunts a gamut of adventure-packed activities including zorbing, kayaking, paintball, boating, archery, and more!

For some more fun, you can take a quick ride on the toy train. Or, you can indulge in a cruise ride. You can also ride on E-bikes in this amusement park.

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3. Rabindra Sarovar

The beautiful lake located in south Kolkata provides an amazing scenic view to exploring in the morning and evening. This artificial lake is encompassed by trees, lush gardens, walk-along path-walks, and the likes!

Rabindra Sarovar is an ideal place to walk in the morning. If you want to spend some quality moments with your beau, you can take a stroll around the place. With an area of around 75 acres, the trees and lush garden around the Sarovar are home to a number of migratory birds.

The greenery, as well as, gardens along the stone-paved path keep the overall view refreshing and interesting. The beautiful lake is meticulously maintained and deemed as the 'Lungs of South Kolkata' as it’s the only area with fresh air, lush greenery, etc. in between the concrete forest.

4. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is considered to be Kolkata’s pride – and, it’s not even a slight bit pf exaggeration! This stunning park bears an uncanny resemblance to the Taj Mahal. It is a highly romantic place in the city. The premises of this monument are encompassed by sprawling gardens, green shrubs, colorful flowers, serene water bodies, and the like.  

The white marble structure of this park looks stunning, especially in the evening.  The beauty of the monument is spell-binding. And, hence, this Memorial has made a mark for itself as the city’s top romantic hotspot. Lovebirds ought to be charmed by its grand architecture.

5. Elliot Park

Located right at the bosom of Kolkata, this park is just like a breath of fresh air for young lovebirds. Wrapped by lush greenery, cascading fountains, a serene pond, and a stone-paved walk-path surrounded by adequate seating areas.

This beautiful park serves as an ideal spot for the lovebirds, who look forward to spending some quality moments together in the lap of lush nature, and this is why is one of the best romantic places in the City of Joy.

Besides its beautiful surroundings, Eliot Park hosts an array of events and concerts, that could be attended absolutely free of cost. This park is just a stone’s throw distance from Maidan metro station. You can also pay a visit to several other recreational spots, which are located around the park.

Get Ready for a Romantic Gateway

So, what are you still waiting for? Get ready to get romantically spoilt at any of these aforementioned hotspots of the city. Take a bike on rent in Kolkata to explore any of these destinations, and spend a whale of a time with the love of your life.

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