Unique Ways To Upcycle Your Wardrobe In 2021

Unique Ways To Upcycle Your Wardrobe In 2021

It is a usual attempt to revive the memories of little things you own, be it any souvenir from your trip or a birthday gift given by your friends and family. You tend to keep such items safe and close to your heart because of the emotional value. And every now and then, you might even possess a clothing item which could mean a lot to you, but with time, even your favourite dress might lose its allure or merely not be of your size anymore. It feels heartbreaking to throw away such apparel, but what if we said that you have the opportunity to use your creativity to add spruce to those items and upcycle it to retain its worth in your life. Does it sound impressive? 


By recycling old clothes, you are also preserving the Earth from the plague of fast fashion’s industrial wastes. It has been estimated that around 92 million tons of garbage and even more were transported to the landfills by various firms in the field of fashion. You are already aware of the age-old saying, “Change starts with you,” so let 2021 be the year where you implement it into action. Embark the journey for a sustainable future by harnessing the power of your creativity and upcycling your wardrobe with a fun approach. Explore few easy ways to grasp the current trends without hurting your pockets. 


Tie-Dye T-shirt


All through the lockdown phase, you were resting in your cozy pods and thrived in baggy sweatsuits. Sometimes you were introduced to specific activities that made your quarantine days fun. One such pursuit was of transforming the old t-shirt with a psychedelic-colored pattern trend, tie-dyes. It is our prediction that this bleaching craze is here to stay as more and more celebrities and influencers on Instagram and YouTube seals their approval. For some, it has been a therapeutic process to deal with the banal events of 2020 as they welcomed the fresh air of 2021. No matter what your reason is, just know that it will render a vibrant and interesting look to your solid and daily wear shirts, t-shirts, and sweatpants. 


Let’s delve into the steps involved in creating the tie-dye effect-


  • Grab your plain boring cotton t-shirt that is fit to get bleached. We advise you on using 100% cotton, or you may also have 50% polyester and 50% cotton, but it won’t offer the best result. 


  • In the craft outlets, you can purchase dye kits conveniently, which complies with anything you need. Rubber gloves, rubber bands, soda ash, urea, and accurate, simple to understand directions are included. The dyes are in the squeeze bottles already. All you have to incorporate is warm water (not hot). Other options include the procurement of pigments in single containers. These also come with the requisite urea, soda ash, and combining instructions. However, if you don't have any, you'd ought to buy some squeeze containers additionally.


  • Soak your shirt in the mixture of soda ash and warm water for about ten minutes. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt. Wring the shirt out sufficiently after soaking. The more liquid you can strain out; the more pigments can penetrate through the fabric.


  • Now, place a rod or our finger at the center and twirl the shirt around it either clockwise or anti-clockwise. It should result in the shape of a flat pie, which is then done by rubber bands to keep the structure intact. While removing the rod or your finger and placing the bands, be cautious that you should not disturb the shirt. Otherwise, it will produce a messy pattern.


  • Here comes the interesting part wherein you bring in the colours or dyes. After covering the working area with plastic, place the shirt on top of it. Pour your dyes and make sure not to leave any white space while filling it up with the stain. Once you are done painting the initial side, just flip it over and do the same on the other side. 


  • Put the stained shirt in a zip lock bag for 24 hours. Afterwhich, just wash it and witness the beautiful patterns on your shirt. 



Choker T-shirt


If you are looking for a delicate yet edgy attire, rely on choker neck t-shirts. And if you are running a little low on your expenses, then we have the perfect fit for you. You see, you can style such tops with a varied number of choices, throw in a denim skirt or distressed jeans, and you have created a chic outfit for a day out with friends. 

Follow the steps to revamp your old t-shirt into a stylish choker neck item and save yourself from paying an overpriced amount. 


  • Obviously, the very first thing you need to do is scour through your closet and select the piece of t-shirt which you rarely use because of its outdated charm. Next, grab a pair of scissors, and you are good to go.


  • Mark an outline from the starting of the neck area with some chalk. This will help you to get an idea of how deep you want the cut to be. 


  • Now, comes the part where you acquire the V-neck shape by cutting along the outline and ensuring that you don’t cut the collar. This will cater to what you want to achieve, a cut-out resembling the opening in a choker-neck t-shirt.


It will take a maximum of 5 minutes for you to design a stylish and versatile top, so easy, right?


No-Sew Crop Top


If there’s anything that has been around the fashion industry for decades, it is the old, but gold crop tops. Over the years, designers have been enhancing its appearance by adding a ruched effect or a knot at the bottom, to name a few. And there is no doubt that it will predominantly be a trend in 2021 too. With the increase in its demands, companies have surged their price to an unprecedented level, which might not seem feasible to many. Don’t worry; we value your desires. If you have an old top that doesn’t seem to fit the ideals of the current generation, leverage it to create a brand-new crop top that can be worn and styled with much ease. 


  • Wear your graphic tee and fold the end a few inches above your belly button to grasp an idea of the required length. Once you are satisfied with the length, use chalk to trace a line along the top. 


  • Place the top flat on a plain surface and get rid of any creases and smoothen out the bumps. Now, use the fabric scissors to cut along the outline without any jagged ends. 


  • This step is optional, but you may even remove the sleeves and collar to render a more stylish outlook. 


No-Sew T-shirt Tote Bag


Tote bags are extremely handy when you have the task of transporting recent buys without any hassle. They are sturdy and durable as it can carry loads of stuffs. It also comes in various designs and colors, but what is the need of buying a tote bag when you can actually craft it at your home within ten minutes. Take a t-shirt with a cute print and convert it into an easily washable tote bag just by wielding a marker, scissor, and of course, a shirt. 


  • Cut out the sleeves of your t-shirt, and then place an oval object around the neck and cut along the mark. 

  • Next, determine how deep you want the bag and then trace a line along the spot. Then, use this line as a guide to cut slits at the bottom and tie a knot using two fringes. 

  • After making those fringes, if you lift the bag, you will realise that there are still some holes that need to be covered. To accomplish this objective, you need to form a braided knot employing three fringes at once. Flip it, and you have your tote bag ready in no time. 


Are You Ready For A Sustainable Future?


Although the glamour of a clothing brand may anticipate the audience to indulge in fear of missing out. This provokes them to be connected with the latest trends and buy clothes as and when the craze commences. With huge fashion organisations, you often hear about the detrimental factors it causes to the environment. People tend to turn a blind eye towards it because they are so engaged with the idea of coping in this fast-paced world. But you can be different. You have the power to bring the change. However small it may be. 


Almost everyone is switching their mindset as individuals are growing conscious about the danger humans are causing to the environment. This is mainly the reason why recycling old clothes and supporting sustainable local business is surging in today’s landscape. If you are hoping to be one of them, then we say that the time is now. You have the option to get in touch with Haarway, India’s one-stop destination, to connect with local businesses. Haarway’s team of exemplary qualified professionals will inquire about your needs and wants to further provide you with the best services. 

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