Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids & Adults in 2021

Virtual Birthday Party

Everyone wishes to get special treatment on their birthdays. We all love to celebrate our born day. It’s the day of our first cry, and why can’t it be special? It’s the year 2021, and we are still surviving amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. During such a time, it’s best to have a quarantine birthday by being safe and enjoying both.

A virtual birthday party planner in Kolkata can help you with creative ideas to host an online birthday party. But before that, check out this write-up to know about nine effective virtual birthday party ideas for kids and adults in 2021.

Benefits of Virtual Birthday Party

1. Your friends and family members can be safe during pandemic times. Even a small gathering can lead to greater risk.

2. An online birthday party is flexible. People from any location can join the event with no hassle.

3. No pressure of amazingly wrapped gifts.

4. Capture the memories via videos and screenshots.

5. Save yourself from the decoration and planning costs.

9 Seamless Online Birthday Party Ideas

Arrange for Cake Delivery

A birthday is incomplete without a cake. If you are hosting the party, make sure the person, whether a kid or an adult, receives an amazing birthday cake. With various service listings sites available online like Justdial, Haarway, etc, one can place an order for customized cakes. It will get delivered to the special person’s doorstep without any hassle as per your location, need, budget, etc. One can also try ordering mug cakes and send them as complimentary gifts to the guests.  

A Happy Birthday Video

Why not you all make a group video together and send them. Making a group means meeting together digitally. For instance, if you are a group of 13 friends, then each one can shoot a 30-sec video expressing their warm, happy birthday wishes. One can take the role of an editor and create a long video out of these short videos to make the birthday person feel wonderful.

Surprise Virtual Party

Online surprise parties can be an excellent way to celebrate with colleagues. Attendees can join the video call few minutes before the surprise party and keep their screens off. As the main guest arrives, everyone can switch on their screens to shout ‘happy birthday’ and fill the chatbox with wishes and emojis. With this, one can plan for surprises even in virtual mode.

Treat Them Delicious Dinner

Why not treat them to a delicious birthday dinner? This can serve as a gift from your group’s side. During this pandemic time, you can order food online at your preferred location and get the benefit of no contact and safe delivery. You can simply order their favorite dishes from a variety of cuisines available online. Whether you both stay in a different state, town, city, or country, you can ship the person’s favorite noodles right away.

Prepare for Dance Program

Excite the guests and the birthday person by hosting a dance program. Few attendees from the group can practice dance for this eventful day and can showcase it virtually as a surprise. All the attendees can also join by turning the virtual meet into a dance floor. You can even contact a pro to get the guests moving in the birthday person’s favorite songs for few minutes.

Get a Good Anchor

A virtual party won’t be enticing without an anchor. An anchor will welcome, greet, and entertain the guests; he or she will host the whole virtual birthday event. The person guides on the procedure of the programs and takes care whether the event isn’t going on a boring track. You can either hire a pro anchor for this or also can ask someone from your group to be one.

Play Online Games

You can host virtual games like bingo or play online games without leaving the meeting room. Games are fun, especially when they are played during a birthday party. Kids love to play, and if it’s your child’s birthday, you can host games based on their favorite cartoon.

Create a Lego Party

For your kid’s birthday party, you can arrange to send Lego models to each of your kid’s friends and ask them to create them together over a video call. With this, your kids get to enjoy themselves with their friends and also be creative at the same time. Make sure there aren’t any spare parts remaining on the ground. You wouldn’t wish to step on one of those.

Talent Show for Guests

As it’s a birthday party, why not host a talent show? Attendees can prepare themselves based on their best talents and can showcase them over virtual birthday party meet. Let each of your friends show off their secret talents on the screen. Award the person with the top score among everyone with a cupcake or small trophy. Make the best out of 2021.

The Bottom Line

A virtual birthday party is an excellent way to celebrate togetherness with the people you love. Whether you host it or preparing for someone else, I hope the above ideas were helpful for you. Make sure to follow the above ideas to have a seamless virtual birthday party for adults and kids.

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