Health Issues a Doctor Can Detect Just by Looking at Your Face

Health Issues a Doctor Can Detect Just by Looking at Your Face

Health Issues a Doctor Can Detect Just by Looking at Your Face

In life, nothing could be more beneficial than sharing a frank and friendly rapport with a healthcare expert whom you trust to the core. In this day and age of informative overload on the Internet, almost all of us tend to think that we know everything about our health. This misconception can take a serious toll on our health and overall well-being. Even the slightest headache or a seemingly trivial digestion issue needs to be checked by an efficient physician. Did you know that the best doctor in Kolkata can predict different facts about your health just by looking at your face? No kidding! Read if you are curious to know more –

  • Sitting Posture Matters –

Almost every doctor takes a long gaze at their patients’ way of sitting to understand their body language. If someone is walking slow or sitting with a hunched back, he/she might be running short of energy. If someone is a little guarded in his/her body movement, he/she might be dealing with emotional distress. A truly knowledgeable doctor can predict these issues just by looking at a patient’s gait, sitting posture, etc.

  • Tonal Quality Matters –

Those who smoke a lot usually have inflamed gums, stained teeth, and hoarse voices. They have a certain smell to their breaths as well. Most of the chain-smokers tend to have yellow spots on their nails as well. The dark spot around the mouth is another sign to decide whether a person is sucking too much on a cigarette. An efficient doctor can easily find a smoker through such signs.

  • The Smell of Breath –

Bad breath might hint at poor dental health, liver disease, diabetes, bacterial gut imbalances, etc. Someone who is suffering from a complex form of diabetes may have an extremely foul breath. If you feel an odd taste in your mouth, then you must seek medical help as immediately as possible.

  • Yellow Eyes are Unhealthy –

As one of the most life-threatening health conditions to be conscious of is yellowness in the eyes. Yellow eyes might indicate the early signs of indigestion issues, jaundice, and the likes. A human liver can be metabolized and it tends to build up inside the body, gradually lodging itself into the skin. A proficient doctor can read the eyes of his/her patients without spending much time.

  • Red Face; Red Alert –

As per most of the healthcare experts worldwide, the imbalance in one’s blood pressure tends to be revealed in his/her face. Or, to say more specifically it tends to reflect through one’s face. As the blood pressure goes upward, a patient’s body will try to lessen it via a process called vasodilatation. This instantly gives red flushing to a patient’s face. Additionally, those who have fluctuating blood pressure may have to deal with the breakage of capillaries intensifying the redness.

  • Skin Does Not Lie –

Skin problems like acne, breakouts, open pores, patches, etc. could be triggered by many external and internal health issues. Breakouts or acnes can be a giveaway to an unhealthy food habit, hormonal imbalance, or even a reaction to the changing climate or environment. A proficient doctor can give a heads-up of your internal health by sweeping his/her eyes over your skin.

  • Bottom Line –

So, what’s the bottom line? Suppose you are visiting a doctor to treat your fever and if he/she shows concern about any other health issue, which has been lingering inside your body without being diagnosed or treated earlier, you must immediately contact an expert who has specialized in the area of your concern. Count on Haarway to find a renowned and reliable doctor in Kolkata.  


















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